METRO. reincarnation. Moscow BRT station project

Moscow Bus Rapid Transit station competition project

     Existing Moscow public ground transportation system definitely is not so popular in comparison with Moscow Metro rapid system.
     Over the past decades Moscow Metro has proven itself as a stable functioning system. It has earned a good reputation as a reliable, high-speed, low-cost and relatively comfortable carrier. People trust it and gladly use it, unlike the ground public transportation system. Every year Moscow subway writes off about 30 railcars, and a third of the existing rolling stock consist of old carriages, whose service is almost depleted.
     BRT should become an analogue to the subway on the speed of a passenger traffic in a districts, located far away from the city center. Bus-shelter, as an infrastructure element, plays a key role in promoting of a new system of urban ground public transportation.
     In order to production become more efficient and to turn it to more sustainable way, the design proposal concentrates on  "recycling strategy" - using former rolling stock carriages as a static platforms - bus stations.      This strategy gives to the written off railcars chance for the life after death.
     Recognizable image, associated with a fast and reliable metro rapid system, but in an unusual surroundings, definitely will cause an emotional response of the future potential users of BRT.
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